The Signature range of Diamond Drag Engravers Diamond drag engravers use a diamond tipped cutter, which is effectively dragged under pressure over the surface of the item to be marked. This gives an engraving simillar to a traditional hand engraved finish. It creates an engraved finish that has a certain sparkle and lustre to it, which makes it look more personal and unique. Diamond drag engravers can also utilise steel carbide cutters, which act as a router to remove material for a deeper groove. This groove can be filled with colour when performed on certain metals. These machines can also engrave on glass with the correct attachment as well as uniquely being able to Gold Foil onto leather and leatherette surfaces. Please browse our product range to find out how Signature Engraving Systems UK Ltd can help you to expand into new areas of personalisation. 8080 Plus engraving machine with attachments Signature 8080 Plus with attachments © Copyright Signature Engraving Systems UK Ltd. 2011 Made with Xara Home News Contact About Site Map